IBX encourages natural nail growth. IBX works in the nail and not on top by becoming a permanent addition to the nail plate. It adds toughness and strength to the natural nail allowing it to grow out on its own or acting as a protective shield under all gel polishes. 
IBX Manicure for natural nails - £12.00 
IBX Repair under couture polish 
First application - £6.00 
Add-ons - £2.00 


Mini (with colour) - £13 
Spa - £23 
Luxury - £29 
French Polish Extra -(Gel polish only) £9 


Forever French - £35 
Natural - £35 
Natural with Couture Colour - £42 
Infills (maintenance) - £20 
Infills & Couture Polish - £27 
Re-balance - £23 
Removal of tips & mini manicure - £21 
File off polish & reapply - £18 
Tip replacement - £3.50 
UV Dry Top Coat - £2 
Nail art Prices per design - from £1.00 per nail 
Full sets require a 2-3 week return to the Salon for maintenance treatments. 


Your 3 week manicure & pedicure. No smudging, no chipping and no dry time. Colour Couture gel enamel combines long lasting colour with a high gloss durability. All applications include a mini manicure or pedicure. Cured with an LED light for faster treatment time. 
Colour couture fingers/toes - £20.00 
French polish fingers/toes - £23.00 
Couture over acrylics - £9.00 
Soak off colour and reapply - £24 
Soak off french polish and reapply - £26 
Soak off and mini manicure - £12.00 
Whatever treatment or package you choose, we want you to enjoy your experience. 
Call us on 01900 872009 or complete our contact form below to book an appointment today. 
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